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Visit the winery + toast with Lugana, Bardolino e Valpolicella classico.

10 € EACH (VAT incl) FROM 2 TO 40 PEOPLE

Thanks to this tour you will learn the history of our company and discover the most important rooms of the winery, where our wines are produced. After the visit you will taste three of the most iconic wines of the area, those you can find on the table of a typical lunch in Verona: Lugana, the white wine produced on the south side of lake Garda; Bardolino, fruity red wine from the eastern shore of the lake and our classic Valpolicella, from the hills surrounding Verona.

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Visit the winery + toast with our Bollicine line: Bellebolle Brut, Bellebolle Rosè e Cuvè D'Arcè.

12 € EACH (VAT incl) FROM 2 TO 40 PEOPLE

During this tour you will be guided through the wine cellar to discover the different steps of wine production, from the grapes to the bottle. At the end of the tour you will taste three sparkling wines: Bellebolle Brut and Bellebolle Brut Rosè, delicate and harmonious, both realized with charmat method. Lastly you will taste our Cuvée d' Arcé, fine and complex spumante realized with the champenoise method.

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Visit the winery + toast with Valpolicella classico , Superiore e Ripasso.

15 € EACH (VAT incl) FROM 2 TO 40 PEOPLE

The tour is dedicated to our valley Valpolicella and the great wines which represent this wonderful territory. We will guide you through the barrels that silently guard our wines before the bottling process and in the final part of the tour you will taste the wines resulting from this long and passionate work: Classic Valpolicella, Superior Valpolicella and Ripasso.

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Visit the winery + toast with Pinot Grigio, Bardolino Chiaretto, Lugana e Roveiago.

15 € EACH (VAT incl) FROM 2 TO 40 PEOPLE

The areas surrounding Valpolicella valley are territories vocated to wine production themselves and during the tour we will introduce you to these very appreciated wines. You will be guided in the cellar to discover the secrets of wine production and after the visit you will taste four different wine varieties: white wines Pinot Grigio and Lugana, rosé Bardolino Chiaretto and a new entry in our family, red wine Roveiago.

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Visit the winery + toast with Ripasso, Amarone e Recioto.

20 € EACH (VAT incl) FROM 2 TO 40 PEOPLE

Aeging is one of the fundamental processes for the production of great Valpolicella wines, as it is thanks to time and patience that the best products of winery Monteci come to life. During this tour you will learn the different steps of the ageing process and after that you will taste Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto: three rich and intensive red wines that keep inside the flavour of a long and passionate work.

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Visit the winery + toast with Ripasso Monteci vs Ripasso Tenazio and Amarone Monteci vs Amarone Costa della Corone.

25 € EACH (VAT incl) FROM 6 TO 40 PEOPLE

Time and terroir are the key features for the creation of a good wine. At winery Monteci we know the importance of these two characteristics and this is the reason why we invested in our oenological project "Costa delle Corone": vines located in a particular site in Valpolicella that produce high quality grapes. After a visit in the winery you will be guided in during the tasting of four wines to compare our classic Ripasso with the selection Ripasso "Tenazio" and the Classic Amarone with the selection Amarone "Costa delle Corone".

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Winery tour and tasting of 3 Selection Line Amarone.

35 € EACH (VAT incl) FROM 6 TO 40 PEOPLE

You can't leave Verona before trying Amarone: this majestic red wine is considered the king of Valpolicella wines thanks to its structure and persistence, admired and appreciated all over the world. We will guide you first in the wine cellar, where you will discover the history behind a bottle of wine; after that you will have a complete Amarone tasting: by comparing three different vintage Amarone you will savor how time and ageing enrich this great red wine.

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All the tasting experiences include the winery tour, tasting of wines produced by our winery Monteciu and some snacks and taralli.

It's possible to match our wines with shared plates of fresh cuts and typical cheese (On payment. Booking required).

It is possible to be guided by our enologist, according to his availability (booking required).

Winery tours are in Italian and English. On request, you can add or change the wines proposed in our tasting list.