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From the desire to field test the possibility to obtain the best quality by following the rules of organic farming and by following the path of environmental sustainability, in 2015 Cantina Monteci started converting all its vines to organic agriculture. Following studies on our vines zoning to better understand all the features of every piece of land (soil composition, microclimate studies) every single square meter was scanned in order to guarantee targeted interventions according to the needs of the specific area, avoiding in this way many wastes.

Grapes are cultivated in order to reach self-adjustment level: we introduced bushes and flowers to host insects able to defeat dangerous species , seeds and grass able to clean the soil with their roots. Morover, to maintain our vines healthy, we use fertilizing techniques that respect the delicate balance of this environment, like green manure. By using all these tricks all our wineyards develop a natural ecosystem able to adjust itself and to defeat diseases and parasites.


Monteci completely embraces the ideals of environmental sustainability, not only in our wineyards but also in our winery: the drying rooms and the winery are powered by a photovoltaic system, which gives energy in an eco friendly and sustainable way. The wastewater treatment system purifies the water, which was previously used to clean tanks and machines, by using microorganisms able to damage  organic matter in wastewater.

Monteci firmly believes in the importance of this project, not only for our vines and the surrounding countryside of our splendid Valpolicella, but in general  for a shared sense of responsibility.


In addition to obtaining the Organic Certification in 2018, Cantina Monteci in 2019 also obtained the Vegan Certification: in fact, for the cultivation of the Monteci vineyards, natural fertilizers such as vegetable Humus, derived from vegetable or agricultural food residues are used, and for the production of our vegan wines is not made use of deriving from animal components during the clarification process. The cellar also uses technologies that are equally free of substances of animal origin and do not derive from their use.

This certification therefore fits fully into the philosophy of eco-sustainability that characterizes Cantina Monteci, and represents a natural continuation.