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La nostra Storia

  1. 1925Establishment

    1925 is the year when everything started.
    Mr. Leone Righetti, great-grandfather of the actual President, has a vision of the charming Valpolicella County which is a great place for his farm to grow vines for winemaking other than producing olive oil, milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat.

  2. 1964Acquisition of land
    in Sion District and Winery construction

    In 1964 Giovanni Righetti and his wife Dalia have purchased some plots of land in Sion District and close to the small town of Arce’ di Pescantina where they have settled the family business.
    That is the real milestone of the actual Company. The vineyards are now part of a fantastic anphitheater of hills on the north bank of the Adige river.

  3. 1995Acquisition of vineyards in the Valpolicella Classica County

    In the mid 90s the Family buys 10 acres of vineyards more in the Valpolicella Classica district to increase the production of the great red wines such as Amarone della Valpolicella Classico and Ripasso della Valpolicella.
    At the same time the Righetti Family grows developing more important wine production with cellar departments better organized.

  4. 1999Acquisition of land in Costa delle Corone District

    In 1999 Righetti decided to buy a unique vineyard located at Costa delle Corone District up in the hill.
    In the years this vineyard became the nurse of the Winery top grape selection.
    Costa delle Corone vineyards, located at the top of the high hill overlooking the Valpolicella Classica, grow the finest grapes.

  5. 2000 The first bottle of Amarone: vintage 1997

    The 2000 is the year zero to harvest grapes, commitment, dedication.
    We bottled our first bottle of Amarone, it was vintage 1997.
    That was big time for Righetti Family which also started to face the international wine market. Still today the Family remember such event with pride.

  6. 2012 Extension of the cellar and construction of the Monteci banquet hall

    In 2012 the Righetti Family dream come true and the Winery opens the door to cultural and social event in order to blend together all the ingredients of a fantastic territory such as the Valpolicella.

  7. 2013 Construction of the solar panel plant

    The 2013 sees a remarkable improvement to qualify the Family’s agricultural properties building a new solar panel plant able to supply over the 50% of the annual operations need.
    With that upgrading the Company has met the perfect balance of the environment and the vineyards.

  8. 2014 Acquisition of vineyards in the Lugana District

    In 2014 the Righetti youngest generation is in full control of all the operations and it develops new marketing strategies as well as more international markets.
    On the agricoltural side the acquisition of several vineyards in the Lugana District has completed the range of wines.

  9. 2015 Our location …your style

    In 2015 the Righettis increased the private functions and corporate events business. The Monteci banquet hall and ball room next to the Cellar is a perfect scenography for any celebration and the great wines are the best link to the big audience.

  10. 2018 Monteci turns organic

    With 2018 vintage another dream come true. The process of sustainability started in 2015 comes to final conclusion and all the vineyards (more than 200 ha) of the Family are fully converted into organic. This is a new and exciting program for the future.

The great Monteci family

Monteci is the antique nickname ,going back more than a century ago, which was given back then to the Righetti family in the Valpolicella region and which is highly used today to represent the profound bond with its roots. We are talking about five generations of high quality wine production integrating traditional methods of drying grapes and “working the must” with the latest wine-making techniques and instruments.

The array of Monteci wines stems from the experience of mature vine-growers passed on from generation to generation and from the professionalism that distinguishes our work. This unique bond between tradition and technology, authenticity and professionalism, uniformity and innovation all give life to a line of products that constantly unite themselves with the Valpolicella area: “Land of many fruits”, generous and fertile, and a “splendid county” of enchanting and charming landscapes.

Our vineyards

For generations our family has owned and managed this important agricultural patrimony which takes in about 200 hectares only of vines, situated in the best areas of the Veneto region. Of these 200 , 70 hectares are situated in the historic area of the Classic Valpolicella for the production of the most renowned wines such as Amarone and Ripasso, and 45 hectares in the Lugana area cultivating the perfect grape for same name white wine which has recently had a lot of success on international markets.

The vines are placed at different altitudes and this in itself allows for harvests with different organoleptic characteristics thanks to the unique microclimates of every zone where the grapes can ripen. All this allows the cellar to obtain a productive variety which in turn makes everybody happy, from lovers of the more traditional aged wines like Amarone and Ripasso to the consumers more for the young fresh wines which still offer aromas and tastes thanks to the wine making traditions of Verona.

All this, together with passion and care for detail and continuous investing and collaboration with experts on an international level, allows us to guarantee the production of excellent wines.