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The winery Monteci

Crowned with the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside in Valpolicella, we produce high quality wines from our vineyards integrating traditional methods of the drying process and of “working the must” using the most up-to-date wine-making instruments and techniques. We have recently implemented a part of the wine cellar for the aging process in order to improve the drying process of the Monteci wines at its best.

Our philosophy is based on two fundamental principles: The first being the ongoing search for grapes of excellent quality, starting from the outstanding management of the vines and the vineyard and from the meticulous selecting of the fruits from the plant, i.e. a low yield per vine allows for a better and greater quality and aromatic quality of the grape; the second being the managing of the wine cellar itself, where traditional methods are integrated with the latest wine-making techniques. Along with this perfect union we add our immense passion, our professionalism and the vast experience of those who work with us and who believe in the authenticity of their profession.

Costa delle corone

At the end of the 90s our family discovered an “area” of land in Cavalo, a small district in Fumane particularly known for being charming and evocative due to the winding hills of the Valpoicella and the rural area of Lessinia. And it is precisely here that we decided to invest a great amount of our farming resources and talents.

Our most representative vineyard is in fact situated in the Costa delle Corone area, about 600mt above sea level, where you can admire a unique view of beauty. From this splendid sunny location, which is dominated by the marvellous wide valley of Valpolicella, we cultivate the grapes for the Costa delle Corone Amarone and for the Tenazio Ripasso, both being what is known as the “feather in the cap” of our production.

Thanks to the particular composition of the soil and the great temperature range between night and day there is the perfect environment and climate in order to produce such high quality grapes and exquisite tastes. The excellent care of the vines and a strict choosing of fruit from the plant both make for a low return for every vine, giving great advantage to quality and aromatic quality to the grapes that get then transformed, respecting the wine traditions of the area, with immense passion, thanks to the experience handed down from generation to generation.

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