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  05 April 2022

After so many years it’s time to change the look!

In our present lifestyle the trends change very quickly as the wine is always the best expression of the territory where the grapes are growing along with the traditions and the culture of the people working the vineyards always committed to protecting the quality of the productions.

The artwork of the upgrading has begun in 2019 with a team of professional designers, contemporary artists and members of Righetti Family, each one supporting the process with personal cultural background and experience. The final result has been the total improvement of the Monteci Classic Wines packaging in order to share a very simple message with the consumer: the soul of our Family, the wine.

The origin of the new image of Monteci wine labels is coming from a specific research into the photography field. Each label shares the value of the sustainability with the combination of natural elements populate the Valpolicella Wine District.

The bottles of Monteci Classic line will be dressed the new label at the 2022 Vinitaly fair.

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